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Some reasons why Body Weight Training is right for YOU!

Handstand - Body Weight Training
by David Nordmark

If you want to get stronger while at the same time increasing your strength and flexibility a program of body weight training just might be for you. When most people start an exercise program they rarely consider bodyweight exercises as a form of training. This is a mistake. Done correctly bodyweight training can get you fit faster than any other method out there. Think of the animals in nature. Do they run on treadmills or lift weights? Of course not. They only exercise with what nature provided for them. Yet any animal you can think of is ten times healthier than any human being. Below are some reasons why bodyweight exercises are a superior form of training and why you should consider doing them.

They'll build unreal strength - Again, think of the animals in the wild. None of them lift weights, but all posses animal strength that most weightlifters can only dram off. A gorilla, for example, is anywhere from six to twenty times as strong as a man. Another example are gymnasts. They only train with bodyweight exercises, yet they are ungodly strong. Have you ever seen a gymnast perform an iron cross? This is real strength. You just can't build this kind of strength with weights.

They'll improve your confidence - When someone performs body weight training exercises on a regular basis they become more comfortable in their own skin. This often manifests itself in a quiet self-confidence that others can pick up on.

Benefits both Men AND Women - Body weight training is NATURAL training. It works our bodies in a way that nature and evolution designed it for. This means that when men exercise this way they tend to become more MANLY in appearance. Broader shoulders, bigger muscles, etc. Woman on the other hand will become more womanly. Their muscles will become sleeker and more defined. They'll get a "Fit n Sexy" look that most women (and men) find desirable. Both genders will get stronger while dramatically increasing their agility and endurance. Doesn't this sound good?

Body Weight Training burns fat like nobodies business - This one should be obvious. Working muscles burn fat. The more muscles an exercise works, the more fat you'll burn. This is why bodyweight exercises are such effective fat burners. You're never isolating muscle groups. Often your working ALL of your muscles at once.

Become stronger in neglected areas of the body - For example most people rarely exercise their necks whichever exercise program they are on. This is a mistake because, as they say, a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link. Your head is quite heavy and you need a strong neck to support it. If your neck is weak it can lead to a variety of complications including headaches and migraines. What's more as you age your head will tend to come forward on a weak neck. When this happens it will pull your shoulders forward and will create a stooped posture. To most people this is a sign of aging. It's not. It's a sign of a chronically weak neck. A strong neck is also important in preventing injury. When Christopher Reeve fell on his neck he was a paraplegic to the day he died. It is certainly possible that if he had a strong neck he might have avoided this fate.

Great for travelers - When most people are on vacation, the last thing they want to do is to track down a gym. With bodyweight exercises you don't need to. You are the gym!

For these reasons I believe that some form of bodyweight training is the best form of exercise that you can do. Of course the only way you'll know for sure is to try it yourself. If you do I don't think you'll regret it.

David Nordmark is a Vancouver based fitness consultant as well as the owner and operator of Animal-Kingdom-Workouts.com, a fitness site with a unique twist. For more information on isometric exercises, yoga and body weight training check out his website.

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