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How to measure fat percentage: calipers, calculators & more

Your percentage of fat is exactly what sounds like… is the amount of fat in your body. That is what they really want to lose when they say that they want to lose weight, and is what people want to avoid winning when they say that they want to gain weight.

See, "weight" can be a lot of things. For example, water, muscle or fat. Stepping on a scale, you will see only weight. You can only indicate if you gained weight or weight loss, but do not have no clue what was really "have-nots".

This is of course it is measuring your body fat percentage which comes in handy.

I'll tell you why. Do you have a scale? They weigh regularly to keep track of your progress? Well, that's great, and I recommend to continue doing that. But what if said there was a better way to track their progress on a scale? Because... there.

If your goal is to lose fat, muscle building, or a combination of both, one of the best ways to ensure your body is really doing what you want to make is measuring (and monitoring) of your body fat percentage.

Scales are obviously larger to make monitoring of progress, but what I see, its weight is like a map of the world and their percentage of fat is more like a plane. One will show you a very general direction, but the other will show you exactly where you are going.

For example, let's pretend that your goal is weight loss. You started to eat better. He began to work more. And now, after a certain period of time, you decide to obtain its scale and see how much weight has been lost. How much progress has been made? Well let's see what he says the scale.

According to the scale, not losing a single pound. Now feels everything bad and discouraged and thinking about how to change your diet or training because it obviously doesn't work. The thing is, however, this scale may be lying. Well, perhaps not lying… perhaps I not telling whole truth.

It could have been lost fat, but at the same time... it might hold water or possibly even winning some muscles. This would lead to your weight to stay exactly the same (sometimes even increase). And due to a scale displays only the weight, it would seem as if there has been no progress whatsoever.

However, if your percentage of fat is measured regularly, they really would lose fat. For many people, this information could mean the difference between staying with their current diet training or unnecessarily for quitting smoking and start something else.

The same applies to people trying to build muscle. When the muscle growth occurs correctly, we gain weight. However, people seeking to build muscle constantly confuse fat gain with muscle gain. Both make us a little more great looking, and an increase in the strength usually accompanies both.

However, there is a big difference between winning ugly body fat and gaining enough lean muscle. The problem is that both occur at a slow pace of the gradual which is difficult (sometimes impossible) to indicate whether the last couple of pounds that won were mainly muscle or fat mostly. A scale certainly will not tell you, but definitely will be your percentage of body fat.

So while the scale could argue that you gained 5 pounds, measure your body fat regularly can know if those 5 pounds were of muscle, fat or a little of both. This type of information is crucial to adjust your diet to make sure that maximize muscle gains while fat profits are minimized. But without monitoring his body fat, which has no idea.

Now that he understood the usefulness of it, is probably asking how to measure the percentage of body fat. However, there is really some of the ways, and ranging from super easy and horribly inaccurate very complicated and extremely accurate.

Some of the most common methods are:

Body fat calculators online
There are a lot of diet and fitness related sites that offer free calculators that use their height, weight, age, gender and a handful of measurements to give an estimation of body fat. It can sometimes be somewhat narrow for some people, but they are usually quite horrible for the majority of the people.Body fat measuring scales
There are also a lot of normal body weight scales available which also measured the percentage of fat simply standing on it as you do normally using bioelectrical impedance. Again, while generally more accurate than the calculators, yet not always great precision.Evidence under water
This is the winner of hands down in terms of being the most accurate method of measuring body fat percentage. Unfortunately, it is also the method in which most people never to be used. Find a professional service that really makes this type of test, paying for what was done and then going through the difficult to process is simply very practical for the majority of people.Body fat calipers
And finally, we count with tweezers. Tweezers are a measuring device used to measure the thickness. In this case, it will be the thickness of the parts of his body. There are a few specific places (so-called "skinfolds") that is measured with calipers, and do some basic math, and… that's all. MUCH cheaper, easier and more practical tests underwater and generally much more accurate than calculators and scales. In my opinion, this is the method that is best for the majority of the people.

Thus, with tweezers being my recommended method, your next question probably is…

Well, if you work at a high-quality gym, can provide evidence of fatty clip free body for its members. I suggest someone asking about if you are interested in having it done this way.

However, if something has no someone randomly in the gym to perform this test you (will have to see you with the shirt out and… saber… touch you in several places), you may only purchase its own claws and do it yourself at home.

This is what I do and they have been doing for quite some time. It's really easy once you get the same blocking. Be reliable at 100% isn't even important. What is important is only measured systematically each time that the precise can monitor their progress.

Personally I weigh one or two times a week, take action (with a tape measure) once per week and measure my fat percentage with clamps every two weeks. This combination allows me to track my progress with precision as it can and really knows for sure what is making my body.

I personally use and recommend: fat from body AccuFitness calipers

AccuFitness is the most widely used clamps around brand. Are super cheap and fairly reliable (I have been using them for years without problems).

Therefore, they have there. Know your percentage of fat is quite useful to lose fat, muscle building or do both and clamps tend to be the ideal way for the majority of people do.

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