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Get Back to Muscle Building After Your Shoulder Injury

Shoulder Injury
Author: SarahHaines

Whether you are using bodybuilding supplements or not; there is always a risk of injury in the gym, you can see why injuries happen as you simply won’t build muscle if you don’t push yourself out of your comfort zone. If you want to build muscle you should always be running close to or at your maximum capability. Bench press shoulder injuries are one of the 4 most common injuries, along with lower back, knee and wrist injuries. With weight lifting programs, you constantly need to be upping your performance, so any kind of injury can seriously impede your progress or halt it altogether.

Following a shoulder injury, whether it is from a bench press, dead lift or otherwise, you really need to take things slowly. If you return to the gym thinking you can merely push through the pain then you may end up doing permanent damage to your muscles.

If you get the chance, consult a sports doctor or physician as they will be able to give you the best recovery advice. Don’t just run with the advice of the guys down the gym, even if it seems they know a lot more than you.

When you first come back to training use the machines rather than starting straight back with free weights. Because the machine forces you to follow a specific movement they are great for stopping you from injuring yourself.

You use many different muscles performing a bench press and you will need to have them all working to do it. If you haven’t been able to train for a longer period conditioning all your muscles is a big concern. Start off slowly. Things like performing barbell exercises can ensure that the uninjured muscles are being worked. You want to avoid uninjured muscles just taking over from the injured ones, so getting back used to the bar can help with this.

If at any point your shoulder does start to hurt then you should stop lifting immediately. Pain is really just your body’s way of telling you that you need a little longer. Even if you haven’t trained for quite a while, you shouldn’t be in pain while you are lifting. It is always a good idea to have someone spotting for you when you are lifting, but it is never more important than when coming back after an injury. You may find that the weights that you could comfortably lift before an injury actually cause pain that leads to your dropping it.

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