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Workout for Cyclist - A Weight Training Workout to Get Back in Shape

Rock Cycling - Weight Training For Cycling
by Ricky Jackson

No workout for cyclist would be complete with weight training. You will get many benefits from regular weight training. Don't worry about becoming too big or "muscle bound." It takes a lot of work and dedication to get big and muscular. Besides you are cycling a lot and burning up a ton of calories. No need to worry about getting big.

You need to be training for strength and not for size anyway. Your overall goal from training with weights is to get stronger, especially in your legs. The increased power is what will help you increase your speed enabling you to finish much higher in your races.

Some of the other benefits you will get from regular weight training are stronger bones. Your tendons and ligaments will also get stronger. This makes them more resistant to injury. You resting heart rate will decrease and you will need less oxygen to do the same amount of work. Your anabolic system will get more efficient meaning you can sprint for longer periods at a higher work level. These are just a few of the benefits you will see.

I'm sure you are asking yourself what kind of weight training workout for cyclist is best for you. There are three ways you can workout. You can use machines, dumbbells, or barbells. Machines are great for beginners, but I recommend using them only until you are comfortable with weights in your hands. You will get the real benefits from dumbbells and barbells.

You should do a total body workout at least two times a week, three times is better. Pick eight to ten exercises that target your whole body. A workout for cyclist is not complete without several leg exercises. You should do each exercise for three sets of 12 repetitions.

For a sample workout you could use dumbbells and do the following in this order.

* Squats
* Chest Press
* Triceps Curls
* Lunges
* Shoulder Press
* Biceps Curls
* Step Ups
* One Arm Rows
* Lateral Raises
* Calf Raises

That is a complete weight training workout for cyclist. If you have never weight trained before, start of slowly with light weights. Gradually increase the weight each week. After six to eight weeks change the exercise you do.

Give this a try and let me know how you do on your next race. Weights are only a part of a workout for cyclist. In order to be in your best shape on race day, you need a complete workout program.

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